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Press Release: 22 May 2015
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Grandfather sets Wee Shoobie on road from fantasy to fame

Once upon a time a little boy had an imaginary friend – an other-worldly creature he knew as a Shoobie. Now, more than 60 years later, that former little boy has captured the adventures of his Shoobie friend in print and illustrations to delight his own six grandchildren and youngsters everywhere.

Auchterarder-based businessman Fraser Bruce is the author and illustrator behind recently published children’s book “Wee Shoobie – Nobody Looks Like Me!” – a story told in rhyme of a bizarrely-shaped small creature desperately seeking family and friends.

“Shoobie – although imaginary – played a big part in my childhood and I thought he might enchant a whole new generation of children in the same way,” explained Fraser. “Despite growing up, I’ve never lost Shoobie in my head. I knew exactly what he looked like and, although difficult to explain to my grandchildren, it was easy to draw him.”

The first adventure of the uniquely-shaped creature, with a pan handle growing out his head, short striped legs and no mouth, proved an instant hit with Fraser’s family and friends. And now, a self-publishing project has allowed him to take the heartwarming tale of Wee Shoobie’s search through Scotland for his own kind to a wider audience. Written and illustrated by Fraser (and copywritten and trademarked), Wee Shoobie is now on sale locally at: WH Smith, Perth; The Watermill, Aberfeldy; The Post Office, Auchterarder; and Auchterarder Golf Club – priced £6.99.

Enthusiastic grandchildren telling of the book have prompted their teachers to invite Fraser to take his tales into the classroom. “At one stage 360 children sat in silence for nearly half an hour as I read them the tale and showed visuals of the book’s pages on a large screen,” said Fraser. “They were then so enthused I was bombarded with questions for the rest of the session.

“Teachers say they would use the book as it has a stand-alone tale on each page. They also like the way the story tells of a creature that looks very different from other boys and girls but who is accepted and loved for what he is,” explained Fraser. “They feel that’s a powerful message of friendship and inclusion.

“Children of course love to identify with imaginary and mythical beings and Shoobie is a very likeable character.”

The second book telling of Wee Shoobie’s further adventures is already in the pipeline and Fraser hopes the public will support a whole series of tall tales from Shoobieland. “Everyone who has bought it tells me their children love it,” he said. “I have received some lovely emails and letters from both adults and children telling of their enjoyment and asking questions about Wee Shoobie. “It’s wonderful that my invisible childhood friend is becoming a very visible friend to youngsters more than 60 years later.”

“Wee Shoobie – Nobody Looks Like Me!”, priced £6.24 including postage and packaging, can also be bought online at