About the Author

Fraser Bruce is a man of many parts. In the early part of his life Fraser was a leading light of Scotland’s thriving folk music scene. A former pupil of Rutherglen Academy, he profited from the enduring influence of Norman Buchan which introduced so many pupils of that school to Scots folk songs. Moreover, the prominence of Folk Music in the home during his adolescence ensured he, and his brother Ian, would retain an interest in the music. In the 1970s and early 1980s he was appearing regularly throughout the country and abroad at clubs and festivals – and behind the scenes he was an important organiser, working with many of the top names in Scottish folk music.

Although never totally hanging up his guitar, Fraser then concentrated on a successful business career and created The Fraser Bruce group of companies.

In the last couple of years Fraser has been able to step back from his business and has returned enthusiastically to his first love – music, on stage in front of an audience.

Throughout his life, Wee Shoobie has existed in his imagination – and now it is in print as Fraser enthusiastically takes on the role of author and illustrator. If anything else he has ever done can be a guide, he will do that with no small measure of enthusiasm.