About Shoobie


Telling stories has been part of Fraser Bruce’s life – forever. In the 1970s and 80s, Fraser was a leading light of Scotland’s thriving folk music scene. A singer, musician and vibrant stage performer, Fraser had one thing in common with many of his stage contemporaries, such as Billy Connolly, Danny Kyle, Finbar Furey, and The McCalmans, he told stories to the audience.

Throughout his life, Wee Shoobie has existed in his imagination. Now, Wee Shoobie has escaped from Fraser’s fertile brain and is in print as Fraser enthusiastically takes on the role of author and illustrator.

If anything else he has ever done can be a guide, Fraser will do that with no small measure of enthusiasm, so we can look forward to Shoobie treading the boards in the not too far distance future at a Shoobie Show in a school or venue near you.

This book is the first. We encourage you to introduce your children and grandchildren to Shoobie. Who knows, it may live in their imagination for the rest of their lives. Join us in this adventure.